Driving Past

I have been driving past this place for 20 years and each time I said … “someone should fix this place up”… It could be beautiful.  Then one day due to my successful solar company Solar Universe/Repower in Mattituck, and my brilliant wife, family, and dynamic team of people I work with, we had the funds, the knowledge, and the partners to get it done!  We have been on this journey for about 19 months, and it has been terrific to see the support, the ideas, and the stories from the community!  We have worked with several groups of people over the last year to come up with the project you see here on this web site.  Thank you for your support and for sharing your history!


Please add your stories about the property at 1380 Flanders also known as : “The Brewster House”, “Hallock Fanning House”, “Grove House”, “Captian Pennies”, “Police Station”, and “Hotel”….and any other names that we don’t know about yet.

Flanders HHAR Original Building

I thank you for the support online with Restoration Equity Group, and the 1380 Flanders house. Your support motivates us.


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