We thank the community for the ideas, information, support and time they have put in over the last year and a half as we designed this project together for the community. Your feedback has been very positive and supportive. Thank You.


 The community has asked for certain features for this property such as:

  • An indoor swimming pool which can be used for a local swim club

  • Great gathering place in the winter months with trees and foliage inside the building

  • Small and stylish restaurant with a quaint feel

  • A meeting room

  • Library style coffee shop for guest and locals to meet

  • Years of history of this building on display

  • A garden area and good wedding location site

  • A “tunnel of tress walk way” in the back yard

  • A place which will draw people from all around, and a place that the community can be proud to be a part of


Read about the history of this great building.

We thank, Sally Spanburgh, Gary A. Cobb, and Janice Jay Young for the effort, time, and energy they put into to writing this Hamlet heritage area report.  It truly made a difference in the way view this building, and history which comes with it.

Flanders Heritage Area Report

Preface, Introduction and History by Gary A. Cobb, 2010; Edited and Formatted by Sally Spanburgh and Janice Jay Young. Resources Compiled by Sally Spanburgh with assistance from Janice Jay Young, Gary Cobb, and several Flanders community members and organizations. Overall compilation and oversight by the Southampton Town Landmarks & Historic Districts Board.